BSOS Firmware has a Bug!

I have discovered that since installing official firmware BSOS for my Liteon 1633s dvd-rw drive, the 4.7Gb media now is only displayed as 4.38Gb in kprobe2, Nero CD-Speed, or Liteons own smartburn. I ought to give credit to Motorhead302 who origionally drew my attention to the issue in his thread “1633 reads incorrect disk size”. i have started this thread since it more correctly explains the problem. I have also emailed Liteon about the problem and I’ll post when I receive an answer,

This would seem however to draw a few questions, namely is it possible that the reason the BSOS firmware burns generally seem to be quite good, due only to it treating media as 4.38Gb and thus not burning the edge of the media? personally I have sworn by this f/w since its release and I havent had many coasters produced through it only 5 coaster disks in 300 burns and these were due to dirt and fingerprints.

Anybody know of this problem and have any answers?

I`m using BS41 and I get the same bug here :frowning:

Would seem to be a deeper problem than first expected then???

There is no bug. That is the normal free writable space on a dvd. When ripping a dvd in shrink it is in fact the target size, and once burned you can see the dvd is used to the edge.

BTW I think BS0S is the best FW for the 1633.

:smiley: Leo

If thats true I’m real glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

IMHO the official BSOS is the best f/w for the 1633s, but surely why is the target only 4.38Gb when the disks are in fact 4.7Gb? seems wierd if you ask me. :confused:

it’s not “wierd”. Hard Drive manufacturers use 1 GB as being 1,000,000,000 Bytes (1 Billion Bytes). However, in the computer world 1 GB = 2^30 = 1,073,741,824 Bytes. Notice that 2^30 is slightly more than 1 Billion Bytes. Many optical storage companies use this to their advantage as well. Their marketing depts use the 10-base number to make their storage capacities appear larger.

Hey guys, don’t you remember the same old story of hard disk capacity?

Makers use decimal system to calculate byte capacity of DVD but that does not reflect the real binary capacity in fact

4.700.000.000 bytes / 1024 = 4.589.844 Kb
4.589.844 Kb / 1024 = 4482 Mb
4482 Mb / 1024 = 4.377 Gb

BTW I think BS0S is the best FW for the 1633.

Try burning -R@8x. BSOS uses Z-CLV which is generally slower and worse than P-CAV which is used by BS41 for -R@8x.

Of course, if you don’t use -R, which is thought to be inferior to +R anyway, BSOS may be a good option.

@ Pete :

I prefer quality. And I must admit, I never did write -R at a higher speed than 4x. But I was very satisfied with the results. In this thread I showed some results:
The Verbatim was very good, but I was very surprised by the results of the Moser Baer dvd.

:smiley: Leo

Is Z-CLV any worse than P-CAV? - slower, yes, but the -R P-CAV region tends to be poor anyway.

So its the manufacturers BS advertising using 10 base instead eh, typical rip off merchants. Thats explained my age old quetion why HDD’s dont come up to their quoted size too.

Regarding BSOS being best f/w for the 1633s - if your not doing dvd-r @8x then it is!!!

I found BSOS with Verbatim MCC01RG20 dvd-r 4x certified @4x burn = perfect scans

I never normally use dvd-r, but since I couldnt get the 4x Verbatim MCC002 dvd+r last time from my local store since it was out of stock
(this is my budget media 25 on a spindle @ £9.99 = 40p each)

I picked up Verbatim MCC01RG20 dvd-r 4x at the same price on a similar 25 spindle and have found it burns with perfect scans. I actually love this media its so good.

Never tried burning dvd-r @8x and I think its unlikely i ever will since I prefer dvd+r, for me the BSOS works best and I’ll send you scans to prove it if someone shows me how to post these on the forum.

To post scans you use the Manage Attachments button in the Additional Options menu. :slight_smile:
I sometimes have to use -R so for me BS41 is the solution. I get excellent results with TDK media. Z-CLV is said to be worse because of the spped shift points where the burnproof technology kicks in. You don’t have that with P-CAV, CAV or CLV.