BSOD's: critical structure corruption



Dear sir/madam,

I have been experiencing some issues with my pc the last few weeks: lots of ‘random’ BSODs on irregular moments… Tried to fix it with but still the BSODs appear. Found this reply by terrysmythe:

[I]BSOD - CRITICAL STRUCTURE CORRUPTION I upgraded from Win7, ran fine for several months. In last few days (maybe 3-4 days, the BSOD-CSC started appearing spontaneously, losing everything I’m working on. Today, it has occurred 5 times, WITH NOTHING RUNNING. The suggested fixes I’ve seen either do not apply, or do not fix the problem. The BSOD states it is collecting data, but for whom? Does it actually send a memory dump to Microsoft for analysis?

Up to now, I have felt very comfortable with Win 10’s stability. Lately, Not so. I note I’m not alone. Best the folks at Microsoft analyze and get this one fixed ASAP.[/I]

I am experiencing exactly the same. What can I do to fix this problem? Thank you in advance.

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Its a lengthy, difficult process to diagnose problems like this by yourself. I recently had so many problems I had to reinstall Windows 10, and even then I had issues until I forced Windows to not update drivers by itself. This solved my problem, but yours could be entirely different. It could be corrupted memory, or video drivers…lots of people have been complaining about video drivers in Windows 10, or something entirely different.

I think your best bet would be to post your BSOD to the Windows 10 BSOD subforum at this site:

There are instructions at the top of that page on how to find your BSOD log file.


Thanks Kerry56! I’ll try that.