BSOD's After I install a SATA Burner

I just bought my first SATA burner it is a SH-S203N Brand new, I already have 2 other frives both EIDE one is a LG H55LI the other is a BenQ 1620. If I remove the SAYA connection to the mobo all boots well if the sata connector is connected bios sees the sata odd but after the welcome screen in Vista Ultimate 64 bit it goes into a BSOD. Current board is a EVGA 680i LT SLI, current bios is 2.053.72. I went to EVGA’s site to see if there is any newer bios and can’t find any there. This board is an NVIDIA Chipset along with using a NVIDIA 8500 GT PCI-E with 512 on the card. Any assistance appreciated.


A complete widows update fixed this.

Was this just a routine update or specific for your problem?

I did a clean install with no updates and this was on a vista ultimate 64 bit OS too. So Windows Update fixed the issue.

OK Thanks Doctor

No problem sorry for not responding sooner as it was late. I hope to test this baby out today.