BSOD with MaxVeloSSD



Upgrade from MaxVeloSSD Personal Edition v2.3.1.5 to v2.3.2.0 under Windows 7 x64 left me with UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME BSOD :eek:
Now I cannot even start in Safe Mode and even Windows 7 DVD Startup Repair tells me that it can’t repair the installation and asks me whether I’d ilke to report it to Microsoft :sad:
System Restore was OFF and no other installations were pending whatsoever :a


Nobody tells you before,but when upgrading or uninstalling,you better remove the cache and let the program write the cache back to HD before you proceed…
In my case,by experimenting a lot,I found out that re-alligning the cached partition with a bootCD from Aomei Partition Assistant made the partition recognized and bootable again when windows repair cd was ran after Aomei…that was for my case(s),I dunno if it will solve your problem.but
I got my OS + data back from before the MaxVeloSSD install…


I followed the Registry Hive trick described in this post (needless to say, the search term I used was “[FONT=Fixedsys]MaxVeloSSD”) and now I’m back in business - till the next update :rolleyes:
However, now I get the attached message box every time the desktop loads :doh: