BSOD with generic AVI

I’m using DVDFab Platinum to make a generic avi file from a folder with DVD files. I choose the Advanced button to select only the range of chapters that I want, since I don’t want the entire movie. The process completes successfully, but when I got to play the avi file, my Windows XP Pro machine blue screens on me, and reboots. Any suggestions?

Maybe a codec prob. run avi by Gspot see whats needed…What SW player are you using?


The playback problem normally caused by codec, please download ffdshow to see the result.

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Well, I downloaded both GSpot and FFDShow. GSpot came back with a “Corrupt AVI Header” message in the container box. I couldn’t really figure out how to work FFDShow. During the install, I didn’t even see an option for avi as a compatible format for FFDShow.