BSOD while writing DL disks

Hi Everybody,

I recently got two BenQ burners a Sony 810A and a 1655, both giving me the same problem.
I can burn single layer disks just fine, but when trying to burn a DL disk I get a BSOD with Machine_Check_Exception. It’s based on a MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum, AMD X2 4200, 2GB Corsair Twinx2048-3200 memory, two hard drives (1 PATA start-up, 1 SATA), 520W OCZ Powerstream, not overclocked. Memtest and Prime95 and HL2 can run for hours without any errors, I can burn single layer disks just fine, yet the BSOD drives me nuts.
I tried the drives in another system (NForce2-based) and both work just fine with DL disks there. I tried both Nero Ultra 7 and then Sonic, DLA is not installed, same result. I tried initially the Nvidia IDE drivers (and they work on the Nforce2 fine) and then tried the Microsoft drivers. Voltages on the system are 3.3V, 5.1V and 12.4V under load. The drives were set to Masters and I also tried the cable select option and changed to a brand new 80 pin cable, no luck. I crossflashed the Sony 810A with the BQFlasher to a true 1640 but with the same results.
Does anybody have any idea what to do? I guess I could flash the Sony drive with the external firmware and try it in a housing. It would seem the system doesn’t like the BenQ drives. Shall I return the unit and get a Nec ND-3550A?


What DL media have you tried?

Also, Components like InCD from nero can cause problems. Try uninstalling nero, run the ‘general clean tool’ then reinstall with just the basic components that you use.

You shouldn’t install nero and roxio on the same machine, they don’t get along well.


I only tried Ritek ones, I’ll pick up some Verbatim at BB today, although I can’t see how that could cause a BSOD. Besides, the same media worked in both drives just fine, when I placed the drives in another computer.
I initially had only Nero installed, and was burning single layer disk without problems at 12X (didn’t try higher with the media I had). Only when I tried to burn a DL disk did the “fun” start. Then, to exclude Nero as the problem, I installed the Sonic software, with the same result. Then I switched the IDE cable to a brand-new one and also the setting from master to cable select since that seemed to have worked for someone else. Each result was identical, during lead-in: BSOD. I thought it could be the burner and switched with a BenQ 1655, same result. And the drives work in the other system without any problems with Nvidia drivers and, now, noth Sonic and Nero installed, so it’s not the drives per se. So I flashed the Sonu 810A to a genuine BenQ firmware, no luck. But I found my current solution by flashing the Sony with the BenQ external firmware and placed the drive in an external housing, hooked it up via firewire and voila, everything works now. Not the solution I 'd hoped for, but after 6 coasters ( the lead-in burn makes the unusable unless somebody has a solution for that) I don’t care that much. I can’t easily solve the incompatiblity between the BenQ drives and the AMD X2/Nforce 4 Ultra system. I could pick up another drive like the I/O Magic on sale at CC, although I have no idea which brand it really is.
Thanks for your comments, though.

Ritek DL - don’t say more…

Just try with the Verbatims!! :wink:

i have this same problem with the ritek DL discs and my BENQ 1640, my NEC 3520 burns them just fine and they play good so i know its not the discs. i saw scans of some ritekDL doing ok on 1640 a few weeks ago. is my drive just messed up? and dont’ say its the discs because they work ok on a friends lite-on and my NEC

its not exactly the same error and i don’t get blue-screens. it just won’t set the booktype!

eric93se, what is the general clean tool?

After uninstalling Nero, there is junk left behind that can cause some system problems for some.

General clean tool

The whole image was spoiled by the 2nd layer.
This is a mixed data DVD with .avi/ts_folders and images as with scripts but it reads very good and without any problem.
Burned with Copy to DVD.