BSOD when loading DVD-movie



As soon as I put a DVD-Movie disc into my PX-116A or in my PX-712A (firmware 1.04), my computer restarts and gives a “Blue Screen Of Death” with the fault: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Foutcode; 0000000a, parameter1: 000000b0, parameter2: 00000002, parameter3: 00000000, parameter4: 804ea44f.

Both drives can read CD-roms and DVD-roms with data and my PX-712A can write DVD and CD-data discs.

Before I put in my PX-712A my PX-116A was able to load DVD-movie discs and play them without any problems. Nero software was already installed for my Plexwriter 40/12/40A (I removed this one out of my computer after the first BSOD).

My computer:
Motherboard: Abit KR7A (newest bios)
HD: Western Digital 120 Gb (primair master)
Plextor 116A (secundair slave and tried it on primair slave)
Plextor 712A (secundair master)
PowerSupplyUnit: 460 Watt
Leadtek NVIDIA Ti 4600 Ultra
Sitecom 10/100 network pci
Creative Audigy Player pci with 5.1 Creative soundbox
Hauppauge WinTV PVR pci
Sitecom pci USB 2.0
Connected on USB 2.0 is a HP PSC 2210 printer/scanner/copier/fax
I use a Tulup 19" CRT monitor
Only Windows XP Pro Netherlands is installed and fully updated (not SP2, because that one isn’t available yet in Dutch)
The rest of the drivers and firmwares are all fully updated.

I’ve already tried msconfig -> start windows on diagnostic as stated on the USA Plextor site (a IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL fault with the PX 708), but still get the restart and the same blue screen.
I also get a blue screen when I try to start windows in safe mode, something I never had before installing my PX-712.

I certainly hope on a workable solution.


Your default software player could be damaged. Disable autoload for disc drives and check discs in explorer.


If you get it in safe mode, pull the 712A and try without the drive. If you still get it, it is an OS issue. If it clears, check the jumpers on the drive, verify no conflict with the 116A, and replace the cable.


Have you installed the Sonic DLA software? This software is known to cause problems with the Plextor drives when you load a DVD-Video disc. If you have installed this software simply remove it and use proper DVD-Video playback software like PowerDVD or similar. Please report back. Oh, and welcome to our forums Medicalwaste (of welkom op dit forum ;)).


I’ve tried disabling autorun function, de-install powerdvd, windvd, interactual player, creative playcenter and restarting my computer.

Same BSOD remains as soon as I put in a DVD-movie in one of my plex drives.

I don’t and didn’t have any Sonic software to my knowledge.

(Thx for the welcome. Was already browsing this site for several months when I found this site after a Dutch Tweaking site. Denk dat je wel weet welke site dat was. Ze halen weleens info van deze site.)


Hmm there must be something that is trying to access the DVD disc since I cannot imagine that the problem is related to the drive itself (especially since the same thing happens with your PX-116A drive). What you can try is to install SpyBot S&D. Once installed start it and go to Mode and select Advanced Mode. Now go to Tools, System Startup. This will produce a list with software that’s started automatically on system boot. Anything there that could be causing your problems?


I’ve found the problem. I deinstalled (to my knowledge) all software capable of reading DVD’s except Windows Media Player and as I found out Real Player. Somehow I wasn’t able to deinstall Real Player, I installed a fresh Real Player over it, but couldn’t deinstall it again. I just deleted the installmap of Real Player and after that all my problems are over. I just installed PowerDVD and I’m watching Kill Bill Vol1 at this very moment :slight_smile:

Maybe one program to add to the list that could make a BSOD with a Plex drive:
Creative Playcenter (according to plextor mailsupport, btw they are very helpfull)
Sonic DLA (see above message)
Real Player (my own finding)

Thx for the help!


Thanks for letting us know. I’ve added your info to the Plextor FAQ:

Q When I insert a DVD disc in my Plextor PX-708A or PX-712A my computer restarts or gives me a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). What’s causing this?

A When you have installed Sonic DLA it will cause problems with your Plextor PX-708A or PX-712A drive. Please uninstall this software or disable it. (Reports of these problems can be found here and here.) Update: The following software applications can also cause blue screens: Creative Playcenter and Real Player. For more information read this thread.



Sonic DLA 4.9 Still couldn’t solve the problem…
Could anyone advice on this? hardly found a stable “drag&drop” sw…

the damn ssrtln.sys cause crash BSOD… found this file in Sonic DLA program file…

solution: safemode doesn’t help, because the Sonic DLA couldn’t be uninstalled. so boot as per normal, hold shift key to bypass all startup programs, uninstall Sonic DLA, leave the Sonic RecordNow.


em… i think i know what’s the reason why Real Player causes problem when Co-Existing of Sonic DLA and Real Player, because the Real Player is also a CD Burner software. Sonic DLA advice ppl to have only one burner sw. em… but what if ppl need Real Player because its RMVB is really good.



Sonic DLA 4.9 Still couldn’t solve the problem…
Could anyone advice on this? hardly found a stable “drag&drop” sw…

the damn ssrtln.sys cause crash BSOD… found this file in Sonic DLA program file…

Stop double posting. Uninstall SONIC or disable it.


I have done all in the above postings and I did have still a BSOD when reading DVD-ROM’s and DVD-R.

The solution I found was to download the file “” from and to update to the latest Nero 6 version.

Since the my Plextor PX-712A Works perfectly on my Win ME computer.

Maybe others are helped with this solution. :bigsmile: