BSOD when both sticks of RAM are in

I recently bought some new RAM and installed it in my laptop - when booting up Windows, I get various BSOD errors, some include:

The odd thing is that when I boot up with one stick in (either slot), it works fine - so it’s hard to isolate if one stick has an error (if that’s the case).
As soon as both sticks are in, it plays up.

The BSOD errors occur at different times of loading. Sometimes whilst Windows is loading, sometimes when prompting to login, and sometimes after it has logged in and the desktop has showed.

Is there something maybe in BIOS which is playing up? I know I can only have a max of 8GB and I got 1333MHz G.Skill RAM.

Can you tell us the Make and Model of your Laptop that could help us help you.

It could be caused by the electrical load of having 2 modules installed. Of course it’s supposed to be able to handle it, but a marginally unstable system can be affected by that.
Could be the modules have different SPD settings, and the BIOS isn’t doing a good job of negotiating the memory timings between the two. Could be the hardware requires more conservative timings when 2 modules are installed, and the BIOS isn’t correctly handling this.
If it’s a timings configuration type of problem, maybe a BIOS update would help. Have you tried reversing the order of the modules?

Could be that 1 module is corrupted.
Check with memtest…