BSOD, spontaneous reboots with audio cd's and Plextor 708A?

Hi all,
Couple of quick questions. I have a Plextor 708A (firmware 1.07) and it has pretty well ‘read’ just about everything I put in to it until now. I recently started ripping my cd’s into mp3 so I could hear them on my micro zen player but when I try and rip some of my older and newer audio cds I get a immediate restart or a BSOD after starting the creative rip program when it access the cd. Any thing I am doing wrong?
The other question is, anyone had problems with the upgrading the firmware to 1.09?

Do you have a (working) ASPI layer installed?
BTW, why don’t you use another (i.e. better/secure) program like EAC or Plextools for ripping?

Plextools can only rip at faster speeds for the 716A drive if I am not mistaken. The only thing Plextools can do for the 708A drive is bitsetting for DVD+R media. I would suggest you run the self diagnostic test on the drive to make sure it’s working correctly. The directions for the self diagnostic test is in the manual or you can download the manual from Plextors website.

plextools DAE is still a better ripper than anything by Creative. you can enable CD/DVD SpeedRead on the 708 (or use the 3 sec eject button trick).

do any of the CDs in question have some sort of copy protection? try ripping with a different program. if that works, it’s the Creative crap at fault.

i’ve got FW 1.09 on my 708UF and it’s worked without a hitch so far. you could try flashing up OR down to see if that helps as well.

A BSOD or reboot are almost always a sign of a driver or software conflict. Have a look in the list of software that starts-up automatically at system boot. The culprit is most likely in there. Good luck!

Thanks all for the help. I was just thinking that perhaps it was that the laser that ‘reads’ was more sensitive than the ones on a stand alone cd/stero player. Hmmm, didn’t think it was the software tho because after I ‘cleaned’ one of the cd’s it ripped it just fine…
I will try and upgrade the firmware and use another ripping program…
Thanks again,