BSOD problem caused by ntoskrnl.exe Using win2k

hi all - I just rebooted my comp and, after the splash-screen and just before the log-on screen, i got a BSOD with the message “IRQ_NOT_EQUAL…Address 8047923 base at 80400000, Datestamp 3d366b86 - ntoskrnl.exe”

The problem ‘may’ be linked to my virtual CD drive under CloneCD. I did two stupid things to it:
1 - I disabled this virtual cd drive through CloneCD. I was told to reboot, but instead…
2 - I installed a copy of Alcohol which, as you know, creates a virtual cd drive automatically.

So predictably, windows got confused by these comings and goings and thus, when i finally rebooted, it must have got confused as to how many drives i actually had. and i got the BSOD. though recently i dont even get the BSOD - the boot-up just stops at 75% of the blue progress bar.

MY QUESTION: What’s the problem? If ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt, how do I unpack the ntoskrnl.ex_ straight from the win2k CD? i tried copying ntoskrnl.exe from another installation and overwrote the ‘damaged’ one, but it didn’t work. thanks for any help.