BSOD on burning in XP



[LEFT]I’m running a dual boot vista 64 / xp 64 system. In Vista I have no problem burning DVDs using Nero, Alcohol 120 and DVDFab Platniu.

In XP Alcohol 120 works only. Nero finishes it burn and says cannot finalize then almost always BSOD right away with an error referencing scsiport.sys DVDFab will cause a BSOD on inserting a DVD and gives a less not equal error.

The system hardware is completely new. I’ve tried burning at stock speeds, without virus protection running and get the same problem. I’m considering reinstalling XP but thought I would see if anyone here has a suggestion.

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@ Mcsterls,

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Alcohol 120% is noted to cause numerous Diver error conflict problems. Suggest completely removing all traces of Alcohol 120% from your system, reboot and try again with your Burning task and see if this corrects your problem. Also suggest trying the Rock Solid IMGBurn ( software program for your Burning tasks.



Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give this a try tonight when I get home.