BSKB & TTG02.. only 2.4x?

My 1640 w/ BSKB burns all my +R like a real champ (surpassing my 1620). But it can’t seem to burn my only -R media, TDK-branded TTG02, at more than 2.4x. And even then it burns it like crap. What’s the deal? SolidBurn ON (both), Overspeed ON, selected speed in NERO is 8x (what the media is rated for).

Try to disable WOPC

Seems like dash media isn’t supported properly with smartburn on for now. Many only burn at 2.4x. See the BSKB thread.


Try using BSKB and MCSE using TTG-02 @ TTH-02 @ 12x turn off WOPC and you will get an excellent burn.

Did I say I have the problem? No. Next time adress the thread starter instead of quoting me.


Turn solid burn off for known minus media and it should burn fine at its rated 8x speed. I have the same problem with most, but not all, minus media. I know they are aware of this and hopefully will release another update soon to fix it.

Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to offend you, just a mistake on my part.

That’s ok, I guess I was crankier than usual. Apology accepted if you accept mine. :slight_smile:

The deal is that BenQ is mostly a waste of good dash - media. Is works great with + media and I think them being a part of the +format vs the dash format has alot to do with it. They are pushing the + format and it is my opinion that they want you to use + format discs without saying so.

(0/T) Just curious - why is anyone still using -R media ? compatability used to be an issue but surely no DVD player made in the last few years has any problems with +R ? Cost used to be a factor but that is no longer the case.
Does -R have any real advantages over + R or is it just old loyalties and habit ?

Probably burns like this have an influence. Just guessing though.:bigsmile: