Bsed error 0x0009086

I upgraded to this latest version, and had no problem until i ran the dvd and justice for all thru it. it consistently blue screened my box. I have a vista x64 box with 8 gb ram. Also cannot find nero. Dvdshrink and others complain that the disc is dirty or unreadable…ripit 4 me attempts and succeeds, but when i try to burn all programs complain that the files are not valid…any ideas? Also, i enabled the path player.

You are talking about the DVD that was released back in 1979 right ?, if so no special protection on it and DVDFab and other app’s should be able to rip it.

If you don’t have this issue with other DVD then you can rule out a problem with the drive and the app’s, most likely fingerprints and/or scratches is the problem,try cleaning the disc with a lent free cloth.

If that doesn’t do the trick then use the Scan Disc tab within Nero CD/DVD Speed to see if there is any damaged or bad sectors, if there is you can make some changes in DVDFab’s common settings
1.) “Disable” Pathplayer settings
2.) “Ignore all read errors” Read settings