BSA warning mail to various warezsites

I just posted the article BSA warning mail to various warezsites.

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There r some warezsites in serious trouble.
I’m not going to mention them, but the BSA is sending an e-mail to them. It says the following:
Sent: Monday,…

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msg a bit moderated…

i agree jvh

I have done nottin

One word: Denial.

Say: “Somebody has hacked my e-mail adres…blabla” Wham, you’re of the hook

Yeah who the fuck cares about the BSA, at least if you don’t use ter real name and fucking address… Blaaaah!

Even when you don’t give even give your real name. They can still find you. Because you ip is logged. And they can trace that back to the provider. Who will give the name of the person with that ipnumber at that time.
It no problem when you don’t do notting wrong. Then you have anomimety.
The same with anonioums(sorry about the spelling i can’t F** write it, ok) server why should they fight your battles.
I don’t like it but that’s the way it is.


Btw: looks like jvh is really pissed.
Is this a script-error, when the words come out of the side - lines

Damn what if you r having your own warez site

How the hell are they going to trace your IP address if you mask your IP and log in anonymsly, a little knowledge is never dangerous!

Another thing what if your IP is linked in to lets say over 2k users, you now like if you are in a lets say big Corp, then what they are going do? arrest the whole fucking lot on the suspicion that someone in there has fucked up!

What they and any of you need to do is to set up your internet so you use a remote proxy so that any connections to any sites you make are done through the proxy server. There are several out there that offer a free service that will let you use them and don’t keep any record at all of who’s using what when. If you use one of those then there’s no way they can trace you. I’d say where they were but I lost the url that had them all listed. I’m sure the Phrozen Crew or someone else would know though, just ask one of them.

Yep, BSA still sucks

hmm. they trace yer ip and know who you are. So what? I haven’t ever heared that IP adress could be used as an evidence when they are suing pirates. Maby in usa but not in anywhere else. Am I right?

there is also another e-mail from the bsa.
thatone is more specific about which games and what sites.
therefore i’m not going to post it here…
Also an e-mail from ubisoft went to the makers from a warezsite. They had to remove rayman2 and infestation from their site.




i know see that ubisoft didn’t make troubles anymore, because the games r removed from the website!

sorceror6 - i hope that you are not using our much loved resource - CDFREAKS.COM as a billboard!

If you make it clear when you distribute crax etc that you are not responsible etc and they are not for illegal use then surely you can’t get done.

Ah if you want to be really safe why don’t you go through 10 proxys at least? all anonymous ofcourse write something for it or so, low level then, so not only your browser uses it but every tcp/ip connection, a bit like sockscap or httport or so

Fake yer IP, I use to on a Novell Network and it worked What the fuck, lets get some heavys to either shoot all of the BSA, and their contacts, or drop a nuke on them, as least then the miserable twats will keep quiet. They must be bored if all they can do is rant on at some poor kid of 5 for having some backups for his PSX :0)