BSA takes down

I just posted the article BSA takes down

Those who fill their CD-R’s with software that is ‘freely’ available on the web will not like this news.

The BSA has taken down the redirect site and also closed down several other…

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Please note that the reactions from the complete site will be synched below. was a major illegal hub, and its take-down has significantly impacted the European pirate community” - holy fuck these guy’s are dense…

yeah really temo! i guess the BSA doesn’t think we’re smart enough to bookmark stuff.

The BSA and Lars Ulrich have one thing in common, they are wasting their time

Damn, always the way, I only find out about the good warez site after it’s gone :slight_smile: Lol. I never used it or heard of it so it’s not gonna effect my warez life at all.

Used to do the Twilight and crazybyte thing. They all suck now. Better to trade with someone one for one. :slight_smile:

Hehe… The putted down only a couple hundred of the thousands of sites wich supply warez. :8

ROTFL!! Every time they take down some miniscule site they claim it “has significantly impacted the (European) pirate community”. Note to BSA: Get a life guys, ur fighting ghosts!

Wasn’t just a redirector service?

warez was a redirect but it also had lots of s**t. when will u guys wake up and smell the coffee. One little detail - what goes around comes around! You never know who is next! Smile and argue whilst u can :wink: