BSA swoops on auction site pirate

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Source: The Register

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Trading Standards launched a dawn raid on a software pirate last week and came up trumps.

Ten of thousands of…

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I don’t sell warez at an auction site. At my place I’ve put a big panel near the street. It says "Illegal soft here!"
BSA will never find out )


does this mean they actually caught ONE WHOLE pirate!

HUUUUUU! They`re getting better and better.


The fight cannot, will not and Should not be won by you!

Pirates will fucking exist forever, and aslong as you are whores for Microsoft and other bigassed compagnies , you will get repeatedly fucked by bigtime pirated, which you dont have, nor will ever get equipment to stop.

So fuck you - and fuck you good!..


Knock knock means click click then BOOYAAH heheheh

Ill buy a MS product when it first works properly and they sell it for $30-$50 bucks…

So that really means Ill be pirating there shit 4-ever…

You mean people copy software!
I thought we all bought it???

And i bet they used the snooper van with all that equipment inside it, to track him down lol…:smiley:

They needed 2 informants? Are they getting that desperate?

Besides this BSA vs Pirates thing looks more like the fight between good vs evil. No1 will actually WIN the fight as 1 cannot exist without the other. For each pirate taken down 10 more will show up.

“Ten of thousands of pounds of pirated software and records relating to their sale on online auction sites were found”

It actually was Twilight 53 we found, with tens of thousands of pounds of pirated software on it

Reminds me of the DEA when they say things like "another vicious, violent drug pusher was arrested after a pre-dawn raid which netted over 3million dollars worth of dope. Agents confiscated more than 2 ounces of marijuana. The drug peddler was a 74 year old lady with terminal cancer."
Propaganda at its best.

anyway, pirating has nothing to do with drugs. i make ‘backup’ cds. i would NOT take drugs. the police dont care about pirated cds in this country, hell ive sold cds to policemen! police pirate cds. police dont take drugs (actually im not sure)

anyway in the uk there are a number of loopholes:

if you state that the cd is for BACKUP ONLY when u sell it it is ok

to raid ur house they need evidence that they can only get by raiding it…

if you think you will get away with it in the uk,by saying for backup purposes only you are in for a big surprise my friend…a very BIG surprise indeed…no loophole just an urban myth

u are who,

this comes from law students, straight from their professor teachers.

you are allowed to sell backup copies to people!