BSA study: Software piracy rates down in U.S



I just posted the article BSA study: Software piracy rates down in U.S.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has
announced that the piracy rate in the United States has dropped with 2 percent
from 25% in 2001 to 23% in 2002. The organistation also said it had…

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This is pure crap, 105,000 jobs lost, that is so Untrue. Major software companies focus their sales on large corperations, these corperations have to buy the software because the BSA watches them, so really no room for piracy there. Probebly the only market that sells to individual people is the gaming industry, and almost ALL PC games now require a Uniq CDkey to play games online, and most of the new games are all ONLINE only, so again no chance for piracy. The cost that the BSA is talking about is the cost of people downloading Games and Apps that they would not have used if they could not have downloaded it. for example. Johny thinks he has a virus, he wants to do a scan and see if his computer is invected, he thinks to himself, I can goto and download a Free virus scanner and use it, or I can get on Kazaa and download Northon Antivirus 2002, either way it is free. The BSA counts Johnys Download of Northon as a Piracy LOSS towards Northon, however if Northon was not availible on KaZaa and Johny did not know where else to get the software, he would have resorted to one of the free Virus scannners. The BSA needs to correct their data, I am tired of them trying to make piracy seem like it is out of control, Looks at Microsoft, they make so much money off of their Software that they do not care at all that they are losing money on their XBOX Hardware, you cannot tell me that if Piracy was such an issue as the BSA is making it out to be that Microsoft would be able to sell Xbox hardware for sell money then it cost for them to make.
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SHUT the fuck up man tottal BS…without piracy of the windows OS there is no doubt that it would not bew on every damn computer out there. i dont have thousands of dollars to try out software you morons…!!! like i said before and anyone can try to disprove my theory but you know damn right that you cant !!! Piracy equals= more people using high end soft and learning it = a popular prog becomes more know aka. NERO . WINDOWS 98 , 2000 . XP, Roxio, ulead, adobe COMMON PEOPLE WAKE UP WITHOUT PIRACY = no sales on cdr media , dvd media . cdwriters , dvd-writers…, faster computers to run bigger and powerfull editing soft for video and audio and GAMES …pirated games = buying more powerf pc’s more devices…more graphics cards…and the whole mp3 portable market is 95% for copied songs and mp3’s grabbed off the net so once and for all no piracy = no need to buy better pc’s no need to buy portable mp3 players…no need to buy bigger drives to hold your iso games and appz and movies…so PIRACY = BILLIONS $$$ of profits!!!:B
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Shut up was for the lame morons at BSA :g


maybe we should file discrimination against the BSA… their modo is “if you cant afford it you have no right to use it” wtf ?? that is fucked up man
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105,000 Jobs lost, Let me think of a reason why, Oh here we go. (This is just an example) A Small startup company has 10 Employes, they are all very smart and very talented at what they do, the only problem is they do not have a lot of money, but they have this HUGE, State of the art computer Idea. THey form this small company and they start working on their project night and day. Since this company does not have a lot of money, they might use 1 or 2 Pirated copies of software, with the full intention of paying for it once their project is done and they have the money for a Full License of Maya (3000 Dollars I believe). Now the BSA gets wind of this small company, and thinks to them self that this company does not have a lot of money, lets check it out, they do so and find that some software is installed on computers, the software is being used without the correct license or with a “Stolen” license. Now the BSA Sues this small company for 2 Million Dollars, this company goes banktrupt and now the BSA has unemployed 10 people from small company, on top of that they also Hurt Maya because Maya would have gotten their 3000 Dollars once the project was done and the company could afford it. The BSA does this about 10500 times to small companies and you have 105,000 Unemployed people in the US that could have become HUGE companies and made about 1000 jobs avaliable, that would have created 10,500,000 Jobs in the USA, Now with all those new employes comes new Servers and work stations, more Microsoft Licneses, More buildings, more freeways, more Taxes for the government, more Software companies and increased Rates for the BSA. So if you think about it, the article should be titles "BSA Steals money from the government, the people, and it self, and makes Milions unemployed. WOW, that was really a ripple effect, but I am sure it is not that far from true.
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ABC News had a report on last week saying the U.S. was losing jobs at an alarming rate because our companies were sending most tech and middle level jobs overseas to save money. Most call centers for tech support are now in Asia and India because an american computer tech makes sixty thousand dollars compared to six thousand in India. So corporate greed cost us those jobs, not piracy. And the unemployed will have to steal more software and music that they can’t afford now that they’re out of work.


Im an american computer tech and I only make $10 fuggin bucks an hour. Where are the 50k a year jobs??? heh


er, that should have said 10 bucks an hour :confused: