BSA: software piracy up for second straight year

I just posted the article BSA: software piracy up for second straight year.

The BSA has released a report on the year 2001. The purpose of the report is to review available data to determine the worldwide business software piracy rates and the associated

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If they don’t want this to happen, then they MUST lower prices. They’d like to make out that they are the victims in all of this, wheras actually what they are doing is more akin to a mafia protection racket: pay extortionate fees for poor, buggy software or face still bigger lawsuits. If consumers think that software is expensive, you should see business prices.

Software prices are absolutely insane. I realize that it takes alot of time and effort to create software but the companies are too damn greedy and are seeking too high a profit. Take Windows for example (or Office) the software is 300 bucks for the base product( office is higher) and every two-four years you have to upgrade for another 200 + bucks. Consumers do not want to pay that much and small businesses can’t afford to do so. Lower Proces = Lower Piracy rate. Companies need to offer much cheaper upgrades and some sort of incentives for businesses to purchase the software. The way it is now most software companies enjoy a monopoly with their particular product and they need to realize that they are fucking themselves by their own greedy pricing. :r

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics…:7