BSA snitch pockets £4,000

I just posted the article BSA snitch pockets £4,000.

Some asshole that was in the need of money has called the BSA Hotline in the UK. He told them about a company that was using illegal software.

Dumfries-based outfit Frazier International Group…

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i HATE this. piracy is never DAMAGING. people who pirate etc would never have bought the software anyway. it’s not DAMAGING, it’s just not PROFITABLE.:frowning:

I think people that for example work at a web design company, and use for e.g a pirated copy of Macromedia Flash, are damaging the software industry, because they make money with the software, so they should also pay for it. But of course I can not agree with the way too high prices for it. There are also a lot of people who don’t buy software because they can get it for free by warez sites etc.

Is it BSA or BSD???

its so sad that they needed people like that one from the story otherwise they havnt got shit!! And i agree with the111 and dominator as long you wont make money with it it aint damage`n.

Excuse my language, but the bastard that grassed the company up should be shot :4. He probably uses illegal software himself, I guess he had a grudge against the company, maby they fire his sorry ass for being a lazy git :d LOL

Now if I install some pirated software on a computer that belongs to the company I work for…All I gotta do is call BSA and rake in the cash:8 (maybe I’ll wait till I get fired):4

What I don’t understand is how a company could be sooo stoopid as to let someone audit their systems! Just tell bsa to get the fuck outta here!