BSA offers £20,000 bounty to stop software thieves

I just posted the article BSA offers £20,000 bounty to stop software thieves.

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the Business  Software Alliance (BSA) is now offering up to £20,000 to people that report  pirated software that's being used in an...
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This reward, will encourage disgruntled employees to replace legitimate copies with fakes then call the hot line. not the brightest of ideas I have seen:X

I agree it would work quite well wouldnt it, install software then report the company and get money, but im betting they wont pay you 20,000 for 1 piece of software found.

It used to be thirty pieces of silver…I guess thats inflation…:X

nothing lower than a …RAT

If you aint cheating , then you aint got nothing to worry about.I run a cyber cafe and have purchased software on all my computers. We charge 3-4 dollars an hour. Other cafes have pirated or shared softwares running and charge as low as a !$ an hour.We will be out of business soon unless we find the balls to cheat and steal like our competitors.

You should’ve used Linux in first place. For CyberCafe PC’s, Windows have no advantage over Linux.

That depends on what apps they are running. People are using MS apps at home the most. They are not going to come and figure out how to run a similar Linux app for $4/hour. Plus, if they serve games, MS OS is a given to run games.