BSA looks for receipts as proof of ownership



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With the Business Software Alliance (BSA) recently increasing its cash reward from a maximum of $50,000 to $200,000 in the US to anyone reporting a business that pirates software, which in-turn…

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I don’t know how about your countries but in Israel for BSA to perform “audit” they need either your permission or court order given only in case they can present 2 witnesses of illegal software usage. While most people do not know that and let them enter when they come you can just shut the door before them and fear nothing.


Identical in the UK, just tell FAST you are too busy.


in us, i don’t think they can “aduit” without court order, but who knows in the era of homeland security. although i think bas should be &*($ off from any business, it is too much to ask to keep receipts & stuff. i mean i don’t even know where are the original disks are not to mention manuals & boxes which have been trashed on the date i bought them. i fear that bsa will have power of a secret police someday as people is greedy by nature & software is a big business…i mean it is like a printing money (ms’s profit margin is like 90%)


While one might fail a “BSA software audit”, they haven’t got a hope in hell of making it stick if it ever goes to court.