BSA is concerned about high software piracy amoung students

I just posted the article BSA is concerned about high software piracy amoung students.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is concerned about how much piracy
goes on with students. They
performed a study that shows that Students are quite willing to pirate software

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Breeding Immoral Kids? WTF!!! BSA shut the f*** up… Laws are dictated by man, we are not immoral… We’re just poor! specially in college. The BSA should look into their own personnel, I believe there are some “immoral” kids in their own backyard. :S [swear words removed]
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:r …I guess the far east pirating cartels don’t keep them busy enough so they’re going after poor college kids… Paleeeze.

One thing BSA hidesfrom this study they made: why ppl pirate software ? I think that 95% of the kids will say “the software and everything copyrighted has ‘impossible to pay’ prices”! 18 dolars for a music cd ? Nah! What about 4 dolars ? 300 dolars (or even more) for a Windows or a Office ? Nah! What about 20 dolars ? 50 dolars for a game (that u could play for about 10 min long and nevermore) ? Nah! what about 5 dolars ? Frankly, or BSA didn’t ask this to the students in this “study” or they has asked but hides this from the results of this “study”. And it’s not the students alone, asks for americans and other ppl around the globe that if ppl think it’s ok to pay 300-500 dolars on a software… For example, here in Brazil the “base salary” are between 80-200 dolars. And a LOT (millions of ppl, about 80%) only gains this “salary” to maintain his life: food, family, etc. It’s interesting to see the face of this ppl when Multi Billion Bill Gates rich corporation asks for them to pay 250 dolars on a Windows OS (since with 400 u buy a good second hand pc here)… And forget USA, look around the globe. This planet is made of of VERY POOR ppl. This ppl IF they can afford to buy a pc (second hand or not), frankly do u think they’ll have money to throw away for this “more precious and expensive than gold” piece of “copyrighted” work ? It’s a insult for them! The problem with american is they “thing” that everyone in the globe have a lot of money to thrown away, since a LOT doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know if they’ll have food for dinner. Look at the Japan, the “rich country”, with global recession, a LOT of ppl that could be considered “almost rich” years ago, now doesn’t have a job and in sometimes doesn’t have a home anymore, living in the streets. The problems with “Corpotated America” is that his GREED doesn’t have limits (Irak, oil, Robbery, invasion of harmless ppl/country, anyone ?) and could turn this world in a turmoil that will result in and WWIII. Witch is interesting for the history is how a country of “freedom” and “democracy” that posed as an angel that stoped the WWII and the Hitler’s dreams to dominate / dictate the world, could be, in the future, the evil that will starts the WWIII, not to stop some dictator’s dreams ans save the world, but because they are acting more and more ans worse as Hitler ever did, try to control / dictate /own the world, sufocating the democracy, freedom and human rights only in the name of greed, money, robbery, opression, Big Brother, slavery… Wow, i hope u understand my point of view: that USA trying to control his ppl (to be slave obedient citizens) is only a minor part, of a global control of the globe… Jr

Something to be add: Robbery is WRONG! Not only legally but in face of morality and even in the face of God. But 300 dolars for a software isn’t an kind of extorsion, a kind of robbery ? But invade harmless with no defence country with the MAIN porpouse to be a thief, robbering someone’s OIL (Irak) is right ? What morals have Bush and his friends of Mega Corporated software industry to say “plz, don’t robber my software, pay for it, i don’t deserve it, it’s wrong”, IF they INVADE and GOT for themselves other ppl’s property (Irak country and his oil$) ? And it’s time to asks Mr. Bush WHERE the 6 billions of dolars that was the result of the recent seller of the oil of the Invaded/Robbed Irak that the army of USA are “administrating” and controlling that DISAPEAR without trace ? Where’s the money of this oil that IS a property of Irakian ppl ? PS: I’m NOT irakian, i’m just not consome with injustice, greed, robbery and hypocrisy. PS2: Again, forget my bad english, anyway. Jr

It’s interesting to think that someone could possibly think that college students, who earn $0 doing that job (rather in fact any money they do earn from a paying job, which cant be a real 40hr/wk job, and isnt going to be a $70k/yr job either, goes to simply paying to still be a college student) would pay money for their software. I mean, well, pirating is bad and evil and will cause us all to nuke each other into oblivion, etc., etc., paying $700 for Photoshop to add J.Lo’s head to another nude woman is ridiculous, so is the $500 to be able to use Microsoft Word, to simply write a crucial essay. I don’t know where they’re supposed to find this money, but it’s not there, and nobody should expect it to be there. Same goes for buying movies, and (oh my god!) audio cds. And to jcsm2K3, have you seen the Fox News tapes from Saddam’s troops torturing people. Atleast when you said all this stuff about the President, he won’t have his troops come over and cut out your tongue, chop off your fingers, and throw you from a building, then tie you to a post blind-folded and give you 100 whippings with a cane. I completly agree we needed to go to war with Iraq, but WMDs was just a pretense. It was really just Saddam we wanted to get rid of. IIRC, Iraq makes

I think that we, college students, learn from that “free” soft. Thus, when we will get out of college, we will buy - recomment that MS soft to our businesses at the retail price with licenses per a CPU unit. College students learn what they wouldn’t be able to by utilizing lot of such programs. They learn how to use programs and adapt to new ones, what program is better and why (and when money is no object then the final choice is more truthful). All this experience with “free” programs will help them to be better at their job (computers are everywhere) and they would already know what soft is better for which task. Thus, later the companies will get their money since these college students will be the ones who will buy them for their businesses and etc. Also, this study looks at the wrong side of the issue. It is not how much students can pirate but is it right to charge that much for so little? Sure, I agree, programmers should earn money. But for them to earn money the product should sell. If people would rather “get” it for free then the product is not selling. And we should look at the cause than effect. :r Plus, we can also have 2 types of licenses, one for personal use, another much more expensive for business needs. Even MS agrees, they now give out FREE software at many collages for CS and IS students. Not in my college but: “Good move, MS!!!” :X Somebody made a good point that such prices can only afford offices - businesses and rich middle and upper class. What about 90% of the population? Don’t they vote and pay taxes too? Why they have to pay 80% of their weekly check on a software item? Go figure. :c

There are actually a few decent software manufacturers which have personal and commercial licensing sides to their software. Normally these provide their software free of charge for personal and non-profit organisation use and charge license fees for commercial use. In this case, the companies would figure that if private users find their software useful, they will use it in their business also. A good example is AVG antivirus software. :wink:

They claim that if students are not educated about why software piracy is wrong, they are likely to continue to pirate software later in life within their business. I think this is bullshit. Students (especially those smart enough to start their own business) are clever enough to understand that corporate piracy will get them into a lot more trouble than downloading The Sims expansion pack 641. Besides, students don’t have much money to spend. That means that the money they save by pirating software will be inserted in the economy as well, just somewhere else. That means that piracy doesn’t hurt the economy, as long as you spend the money on something else :slight_smile:

This just leads back to 'the law of unintended consequence". Use Optical Disk security, you create a market for hackers or cracks. CloneCD, Blind Write etc. Yes, one may argue that these applications are used to back-up original CDs, but let’s be honest, they are a to a large extent used for illegal copying far from the premise of a legal back-up. I’m in one of South Africa’s top universities (Colleges), and believe me that a little illegal copying here and there is a drop in the ocean. Programs like Office XP, Windows XP, Adobe Photoshop etc, are circulating faster than the very virus that plagues its applicants. Mp3s are all over, and since optical storage devices and their media have become affordable, WHY NOT??? But after college it’s work or whatever, and with careers in line, all my pirate counterparts that have moved to the corporate world are all legit!!! Just a thought!! PimpAssDaddy Johannesburg, South Africa :slight_smile:

Some of you people just make me laugh. Saying the price is too high as a reason to pirate? We’re not talking about stuff you need, like food or something. You don’t need that new CD…and if you can’t afford, then maybe you shouldn’t have it. Same for software. And there are free alternatives out there. It might take a little effort to find them, but no more than it takes to pirate. If you pirate stuff, fine. Just admit it. Don’t make some lame excuses as to WHY you do it. Getting something for free is nice.

With students, getting free alternatives is not always an option. For example, while Openoffice and Linux do make a good free substitute for Windows and Microsoft Office, there are much higher risks in having incompatibilities between the two. For example, if a student does up a research document with a fancy presentation on Openoffice at home, they may end up using features not supported by Word and PowerPoint at the University and vice versa. The differences between Linux and Windows make matters even worse for students including novice users and particularly those who are studying software development and programming.
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The paradox here is that there is a good chance some of these “immoral students” will end up being employed by the BSA… Its good to see the BSA is concerned about the morality of children…but no mention here of child prostitution, child abuse or child hunger…I spose if your getting raped by some devo, getting the shit beat out of you by some lowlife or just concerned about your next scrap of food, the thought of media piracy just sort of doesn’t enter your head, consequently you don’t pose a threat to the BSA…:X

Most software is expensive, for students it’s prohibitively expensive, if you make money using the software it’s another matter but for students that’s usually not the case. It’s not a choice between, to buy software, or to pirate software. It’s simply a choice of, to pirate software, or not to have software. My good moral attitude won’t give me the $6000 I need to try out 3dsmax6. I would suggest that software developers make licenses available for commercial and non-commercial use, the non-commercial use license should in no way be less functional then the full commercial license and be priced at $60 or less per title. I mean if your not going to make money with something, how could you ever justify to pay more then that. I would guarantee that if the previous was the case, the piracy rate among students and other non-commercial users of software applications would drop by at least 90-95%. Currently educational version of software are available, but they are either so cut down on their functionality that you could never truly or effectively use them, or they are still way to expensive. The educational, learning edition of 3dsmax v6 is JUST $999, and it’s not even complete.
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let’s face it, college students are poor… except the ones that have mommy & daddy pay for their education :stuck_out_tongue: I pay for everything: apt, car, my education, food… lotta money is tied up in all that. My problem is that software IS expensive! WTF gives MS the right to charge $469 for MS Office or $150 for Word or PP or whatever. It’s a ripoff! WinXP should be free because it’s the ONLY O/S used in PCs (sorry unix ppl, 95% of consumers have Windows or some version on their PC). MS makes enough cash off all their other products b/c they ONLY work on Windows! (ok 99.9% do) I don’t have extra cash for word but i need it to write my papers for school. If Office was only $100 then i’d pay… at that price it’s worth it. Software is expensive… yet you’ve never seen a video game cost more that $50 or $60 each? WTF is that? (exception being those special collector’s sets)

up bitten by the bug again: …WTF gives MS the right to charge 400 for MS Office or 150 for Word or PP or whatever. It’s a ripoff!.. If Office was only 50 then i’d pay… at that price it’s worth it.

yipe…Software is expensive… yet you’ve never seen a video game cost more than 50 or 60 each?..

If the only way you can sell your product is to rely on your customers being totally moral people then you’ve got a problem. We can’t even get priests to stop molesting children. Where are you gonna find moral people that you can trust with your intellectual property. Of course college students are immoral. The world is full of immoral people. Always has been, always will be.
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How do I explain to my kids between right and wrong when I think its ok to copy software or music? I think a percentage of people think their is nothing morally wrong with copying.

I think what you [people] are missing is usage per the price you pay… consider a copy of the full [non upgrade] Windows XP Professional; which is anywhere from $126 [OEM copy] to $299. Now, assume that you will use it for at least a year; 24 hours a week. That’s 96 hours a month; 1,152 hours a year. That’s Price/hours; 126/1152 ~ 0.109; 299/1152 ~ 0.259. You’re paying about 10-11 cents, 25-26 cents an hour to use that piece of software. I know you wouldn’t work for that. You probably also intend to run it for longer then a year, probably two or three years. It gets even cheaper. The OS isn’t the true problem; you use it every moment your computer is online -and- if you TRULY had a problem with costs; there are many decent Linux distros and opensource Office-like packages; and Linux has become insanely easy to learn in the past few years. I don’t think the OS or the business level applications [Office, etc; they’re still intended for businesses despite their growing use in the college world]; I think truly, cost wise, the problem lies in paying $60 for a game you get perhaps 4 hours of use; that you may play again once or twice. Playing it just once, you’re paying $15 an hour for the pleasure. I don’t even make $15/hour; and that game sure as heck isn’t worth it if I’m never playing it again :slight_smile: Whether theft is immoral or not is negotiable; and not provable in a multi-religion world. What is provable[therefore changable] is businesses charging $50-$60 for software that only has about 2-4 hours of use; ever.