BSA introduces pirate catching game, your kids could be pirate killers!

I just posted the article BSA introduces pirate catching game, your kids could be pirate killers!.

In an effort to educate
youngsters about software piracy, the Business Software Alliance has introduced
a game. In the game you have to ‘thrown down your balls against the pirates’

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has anyone got a NO_CD crack for this game yet… lol also need valid CDKEY so i can play this kewl BSA game over the internet… lol… all in humour… i think this is silly… all IT students can’t be educated as its already going on all around the world… :stuck_out_tongue: :p:p

$ 200,000 is a lot of cash for this sort of propaganda

has it come to this…subtle suggestivness or brainwashing ???..the sooner companies like these do a financial supernova and become a business black hole the better…we don’t need maladroits like these fucking with our kids heads…the government does enough of it now… (driver pull this world up at the next stop…I wanna get of)…:X

shut, I just was going to ask for a nocd crack for this game, but inet2k4 was faster :B

Silly RIAA, Piracy are for KidZ :B

what protection does this game use? Please don’t tell me it’s unclonable. I don’t buy titles I can’t back up.

This game is so funny…haha so what’s the reward of getting a certificate? no? well…:c:c

A better environment starts with brainwashing your young and naive children. I got some more for them : War is peace ! Freedom is evil ! Work is prosperity !

"Computer games don’t have an adverse effect on children. If Pacman ever affected us as kids, we’d all be running around darkened rooms, munching strange pills and listening to repetitive music… " So don’t worry, we are perfectly OK. :B

Well not only is it a stupid idea, but it is a waste of money. $200,000 of our money. How can they honestly think this will have any impact at all. Sounds like someone just figured out a way to get the government to give them lots of money. Hey I can develope a simple java game where you shoot at software pirates while giving hugs to those who buy their software. I want my $200k:d

Hahahahahahah this is pretty bad

Well… $200,000 for a Shockwave game? Give me $10,000 and I’ll make a nice simple 3D shooter :slight_smile: