BSA in Euro piracy crack-down

I just posted the article BSA in Euro piracy crack-down.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is going to try to find even more businesses using illegal software and the criminals behind distributing the software.

Before the Alliance believed in…

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what does this imply exactly: “increasingly sophisticated methods to distribute illegal software on the Internet” ?

I was wondering the same thing. And what are the organizations doin this?


I think they are saying that they are having more and more trouble keeping up with warez distribution :4

“clearly ongoing education and public policy work”…I hope, by this, mr newton means that record and film industry distributors are reviewing their price/content policies…:7

Fuck the BSA!! I wish all the businesses distributing illegal software the best of luck as long as they’re not selling it. These businesses don’t think they’re beyond the law, they’re just resisting a law that is so fucked which is what the copyright law is. Awesome are the people who illegally copy software as long as not done for profit.