BSA doesn't report real piracy numbers - Ehm that doesn't count!



I just posted the article BSA doesn’t report real piracy numbers - Ehm that doesn’t count!.

Altough the BSA tends to tell the world, the world is bad, because it pirates software all over the place, it might be that the BSA isn’t really honest.

An Australian website reports that the…

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Considering how fake the BSA numbers are, the factor of OpenSource is the smallest issue in inflated piracy impact. The BSA refused to admit that the majority of warez kiddies grab everything, and if they had to buy software it would be less than 1% of what they normally get. I mean am I the only person who has grabbed a piece of software only because it cost $10,000 ?


Yes you are, I have never copied one piece of software that costed 10,000 lol. But I have copied way over $10,000 worth of software with multiple programs. But I have never seen $10,000. There’s no way I would have ever been able to afford to buy the software I have. So if I would not have copied it, the software companies still would have gotten no money from me, because I had no money to give. And since the people I copied it from still have their copies I don’t consider it stealing. I just consider it using software that I didn’t, don’t, and never will have enough money to buy.


Confirms all our suspicions and the old adage “Lies, Big Lies and Statistics”…:7


Hey! Why don’t the courts investigate the BSA for “cooking their books” like they are with the other big corporations?! heh