BSA collects more than USD$ 2.2 million from 25 U.S. companies

I just posted the article BSA collects more than USD$ 2.2 million from 25 U.S. companies.

Thanks to GristyMcFisty we know that the
Business Software Alliance (BSA) has announced that it has collected more than 2.2 million USD in settlements with 25
U.S. companies. As…

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From my own IT department experience, I think the actual percentage is much higher. The solution is Linux with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Of course, for you M$ slaves, there is plenty of FOSS for Winblows too. Many FOSS apps are cross-platform and will run on just about any OS.

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FOSS is always an option but until very recently it wasn’t a good option. Most open source app are not user friendly. They are designed with the top 10% of us in mind and they leave out the people like my mother who tries her best but sometimes just cant grasp the concept presented to her. She needs a M$ like app to explain everything step by step.