BSA 'charge' various companies

I just posted the article BSA ‘charge’ various companies.

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Finally, ViNNY has a story!

The BSA did a 6 million guilders (about 3 million US!!) bust at some small business…

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Fuck BSA!!

Let’s bust them…

BSA stands for:

BitchSlappingApe! or something

WHATEVER BSA can suck my ass anytime!

Well then SoupRmen…

When can they start sucking your arse??
I’ll make a small phone call…

Your free hotel is just a phonecall away

Definition BSA: Butt Sucking Assholes

I wanna bust some caps in there bsa ass!!!


But you will never win

CU !


WebMaster @
WebMaster @

He guys lets make a top ten out of this;

Definition BSA:

Butt Sucking Assholes
Big Stinking Apes

BSA rulez!!!

If you get caught it’s your own fault!

Hmmm, I wonder how come BSA is always show boating in Europe, and non of this shit happens in Asia. I guess their 6 figure income is more justified this way. Let’s see now this was 3 million out of how many billions that is still floating around in every shops in every fucking street corner any where in far east. Nah they wouldn’t do that, after all they don’t want to cause an major asian economical crisis do they now ! after all the money from gambling, prostitution and drugs, are not neraly enough to balance the annual budget.

As long as the government kickbacks are there, everything is cool for the Bull Shit Artists !

The dates are fucked up yet again and again and again … and the story goes on and on and on. This time travelling can really takes its tool on your body. Damn I am beat !

If the BSA is watching us, who is watching them? Ill bet any money that a few that work for the BSA are the biggest thieves yet…

Who knows another good one?

Definition BSA:
no.1 Bless Southeast Asia
no.2 Bull Shit Artists
no.3 BitchSlappingApe
no.4 Butt Sucking Assholes
no.5 Big Stinking Apes

What language is it using in that site?

The previous post I have is showing incorrect date, but my computer has the correct one…


I have that problem too!
(sometimes, let’s see…)