BSA announces that global software piracy rate is dropping

I just posted the article BSA announces that global software piracy rate is dropping.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has announced that the global piracy rate of business software has been dropped from 40% to 39%. The decrease of one percent breaks with the trend of…

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Slacker pirates get back on the ball!

wasn’t me :B. lol, wasn’t my fault. I do everything I can to increase the rate. :B

As the BSA rely on piracy to do business, I don’t see them giving up too easily. If they do succeed in reducing piracy to 0%, then these type of companies would go bust! :wink:

I take it the BSA consider nearly every consumer a cretin… Overstate, Mark up, Exaggerate and when figures get into the realms of reality, self laud, pat yourself on the back, and try to convince everyone you were correct in calling all computer users pirates, thieves and crimminals…one can only hope that the spin doctors for these organisations get bowel cancer…:X