BS42 for the SOHW-1633S is delayed/missing (merged thread)



I went to check at liteon and surprise: the “coming up” is gone??? Does it mean they don’t plan to offer us the famous BS42 anymore ???


They will still offer it. It’s just late.

But remember, BS4x is just a CS0x firmware with a different drive name. So if you really can’t wait, just CS09…


is there any way to definitly flash my 1633 into 1653 without having to use the omnipatcher each time I need to reflash it?


No but it’s not that much of a hassle. You only have to do it once, when a new firmware is released, or you can use the pre-crossflashed version on our site. :wink:


Are you sure about the BS4x and CS0x firmware being the same with a different drive name? I mean, it that’s all it was, what is holding them up from editing the firmware and posting it? Are you sure the 1633 and 1653 hardware are identical? If not, then the different firmware likely addresses the hardware differences.

It’s just not logical that if a simple hex edit would convert the CS0x firmware to BS4x firmware, why the delay?

Meanwhile I read in other BS41 versus BS0x threads that some 1633s work fine with BS41 and others don’t. Perhaps there was a hardware difference between production runs that make some quirky for 12X DVD-R and 4X DVD+DL? I haven’t flashed mine yet to BS41 since I do little DVD+DL and otherwise use only DVD+R…



I flased to the BS41 no prob but would like to know the same if it is just a hex change why the wait. :bow:


it is easy to change the drive or firmware name in the .bin file…


Yes, it’s in plain ASCII text. You have to be careful with the version number (i.e. BS41), because there is another copy of it (with swapped letters), that must match the displayed one. :wink:


i know, already testet it. but there, in CS09, was a strange string: “SONY DWD-24A CS09”
does sony make a part of the firmware?


Sony is on the circuit board, in the EEPROM and in the firmware. Yes, Sony and Liteon have a very close relationship now. Hopefully this involvement will help with an improvement of Liteon’s current models. :wink:


It isn’t quite that easy, the firmware must be modified to work on 1633S hardware instead of 1653S hardware due to the EEPROM check.


how to disable the eeprom check in the binary firmware?


With omnipatcher’s enable cross flash option.


lol, i know that.
but how can i do it manually, bcause i can’t see the difference between patched and unpatched in an editor.


In an editor ? Well, what about opening a dos window and comparing the files with the fc utility, e.g. by calling fc CS09.BIN CS09_cf.BIN ?


ok, compared them in a hex editor.


Are you looking at prepatched versions (OP checkbox already activated) ? There are enough differences.


Here’s the reply I got from LiteOn today:

[I]Dear Sir or Madam,

The bs42 firmware is not ready for release, we have not finish the media
compatibility list and it has
not pass the Microsoft driver compatibility test. This means you will have
less compatible media and
you might have installation problems. However if you still want it we must
let you know that we are
not responsible for any problems after the upgrade, so you may continue at
your own risk.

Would any further information, please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp official
web site -[/I]

It’s kinda strange b/c I emailed the American branch and this came from Taiwan I guess.


You know you want it!!! :bigsmile:


i have dvd reading problem with cs09 … with. 41 ab S it is ok.