Bs42 firmware News

Hi to you all!

In early Dec. I purchased a 1633s drive after reading a press release on the Lite-On website stating that they were going to release a firmware upgrade ( Bs42 ) for all the " loyal customers of Lite-on which would increase the speed of dual layer discs to 4x as many other manufacturers had already stated on their own websites. This was a nice gesture which I appreciated and since this was my 5th. Lite-On drive I had no reason to doubt their sincerity.
Late last week I sent an e-mail to asking in a stern manner where it was. This e-mail was forwarded back to Lite-On Americas to be handled by them. Yesterday I received an e-mail from Ben. tech. support at which stated the following.

Unfortunately, we are not releasing it because of bugs.
Thank you for contacting Liteon Technical Support.”

A short answer from a low life company that could care less what they have committed to and had no intentions of delivering.
It really is a shame to see how far into the toilet this company has fallen!!
Sorry for the length of this post but I felt this had to be reported .

D.B. :sad:

crossflash to CS0K and get a free upgrade to the 1653s.

Hi Seeker,

I’ve never crossflashed. Do I just download 1653s.csok.patched-cf-rs-ledfix.rar and unload the files and click on an .exe file to upgrade my 1633s to a 1653s? Also after doing this and making sure the flash worked which firmware do i use in the future to update, the stock 1653s liteon firmware or the code-guys unscrambled or patched versions.
Thanks for your kind help!!

D.B. :slight_smile:

Yes, get that firmware.

I’ve always stuck with using codeking’s patched firmware. but that’s just me. don’t change horses midstream, right?

You need crossflash, ALWAYS, you will also need to use crossflash or flashfixed (or alternative flasher with BIN), to flash back.

The crossflash firmware does NOT convert the drive, it merely “doesn’t care” that it’s the wrong drive - remember that for any later upgrades, or you’ll be learning the recovery procedure!

you also can use the Sony DRU-710A BYX3 firmware from
its similar to the BS41

Yes, BYX3 is basically BS42 with the Sony name. You’ll find a version on my site with crossflash enabled, the Liteon ID/name and ledfix (red/green LED) as well. :wink:


do you really think it is impossible to rewrite the 1633 internal ID so that it definitly becomes a 1653. I know it is not a pain to crossflash all the time, but I am just wondering why Liteon doesnot offer us a firmware that will simply turn those crappy 1633 into 1653.

It’s not impossible. I’m currently thinking about releasing an updated EEPROM Utility that allows a 1213S to 1633S conversion because I’m personally very disappointed with the way Liteon has supported this drive, and the last released firmware for the 1213S is terrible :(. If Liteon continues to ignore 1633S users then the same will happen for this drive as well ;).

Let just considered they will ignore us :smiley:

I recall someone doing it by rip/patch/return:

The arguments for & against are complex - without an EEPROM patch, at the moment, you cannot pass off a drive as a higher model (eg. in a system) - if a drive is CF firmwared, somone gets a nasty surprise if they apply an ordinary update.

However, with the abandonment of the 1213S at a very unsophisticated firmware, and the availability of at least one “transition” 1633S @ 1653S capability firmware (Sony, unless you count the pulled BS41 and the unreleased BS42), there is a reasonable case to say “I want MY drive to be…”.

Do we save the “nuclear option” until they knock back firmware patching, that’s the only real issue…

Thanks to you all for your informative help with the upgrading procedure!!

D.B. :bow: