BS41 or BS0R?

From your experience, can you say which is better for 1633s and why?

Neither BS0R or BS41 have given me any problems. So I use BS41.

There are some reports of -R leadin problems with BS41, though. shrug


I’m seeing excellent results on my 1213@1633 using the Sony BYX2 firmware. Good luck with whatever you decide to use.

My 1213@1633 has produced good results with the BSOR but not with the BS41.

my 1633 better using bs0k than anything else - but also excellent results cs02

I kind of like BS0R, here are my scans:

My 1633S is something wrong maybe…
DVR-108 can not detect the media burnt by 1633S[BS0R].

1633S[BS0K] made following results. :confused:

I have no problems with BS41 on my 1233@1633

Here’s a scan at burned at 8x with +r


Wow, that’s a big difference between BS0R and BS0K. :eek:

Haven’t tried CMC MAG E01 on BS0R, but I have tried it on BS41, and it looks similar to what you got for BS0K, so maybe BS41 work fine for you as well. shrug

Here is test result.

Hi there,
I really don’t understand: I am using same media as you YUDENT02, (brand mirror), almost same writer (1633S), and I tried with all firmewares (BS0K, BS0R, BS41) and I always get terrible PI/PIF (1200/170 average). I have no problem reading them on any of my players !!! How do you do to get so nice PI/PIF?

If they play back fine on your players are you are getting absurd errors (if the errors were really that high, then they shouldn’t play back at all), then it’s probably because your drive is not scanning correctly for one reason or the other. This happens with some drive…

They do play very well !! And I scanned them with Nero and Kprobe, with both I got the same amount of error ?!?
What makes a drive scan so poorly ?

I don’t do anything special…this was a backup burned with dvd decrypter. This burn was actually better than a 6x burn i did. could be that my drive is a 1213@1633 …but i don’t really know if that makes any difference.

EDIT: I just noticed I liked the wrong pick in the post above. that was my 6x burn…my 8x burn is here

Now, that’s better. Ripped with dvd decrypter
write with Nero at X8 with

The outstanding lack of quality control at Liteon… I’ve been through (4) 1633’s and (3) 832’s to get one that scans even close to my 812 or BenQ 1620. :confused: Additionally, I’ve concluded they aren’t much better at writing. The only reason to have one is for KProbe… :cool:

LOL - the one I have is perfect for scanning - i find some discs truly have high PI/PIF are true - but because DVD players play slowly - they can hide high error rates - i have one 1300PI scan play perfectly

I was scanning with PCCILIN working backward :bigsmile: (I know I am stupid).
Now my scans are pretty good !