BS0x vs. BS4x vs. CS0x ... which is better?



There seems to be a lot of questions regarding the 3S firmwares and which one to use… so…

  • BS0x (e.g., BS0K, BS0R, BS0S, etc.)

These are 1633S firmwares with 8x -R using ZCLV. These firmwares are the most well-developed and mature of the 3S firmwares, but have slow -R (8x, compounded with ZCLV).

  • CS0x (e.g., CS02, CS07, CS09, etc.)

These are 1653S firmwares with 12x -R using PCAV. These firmwares are newer, which may be a mixed blessing. Some claim that the -R write quality has dramatically improved with the new CS0x firmwares (a good thing about being new). And there are scattered reports of -R leadin problems (a possible bug in the firmwares? :confused: ) (a not-so-good thing about being new). These firmwares contain some significant changes over the BS0x firmwares and people seem to have mixed results (some say it’s much better than BS0x, some say it’s worse).

  • BS4x (e.g., BS41)

Although these are nominally 1633S firmwares, these are really 1653S firmwares. They are essentially CS0x firmwares with a different drive name. That’s it. It would seem that the BS4x firmwares are really identical to the CS0x firmwares. So you should NOT compare these firmwares to BS0x, but instead, they should be though of as CS0x firmwares.

If you have any tests or experiences of BS0x vs. CS0x/BS4x, please post them in this thread.


Can the same be said of the BYX2 for the sony 710-A, that is of the CS0x flavor?

That being said, are any enhancements that I am missing with the BYX2 for the 710-A? Should I flash to one the new Liteon firmware?


if you’re using -r media, stay with the sony firmware. but for +r/rw you should try BS0S/CS09.


BYX2 should be considered as a CS0x firmware. BYX2, despite its older timestamp, is actually based on a newer cut off the Cxxx development trunk than CS09, so BYX2 is newer and less mature than CS09, which is a mixed blessing.


Thanks for the replies. I will stay with the sony F/W for now, since I am using -R disks.


Ok code65536…

Here are some tests done with a Litey 1633, BS41 F/W, and on TY’s T02 disk. I’m very curious to see the difference between this and the new BSOS.



Here’s a result I got with a LiteON 1633s, BS41 on TDK001@4x. I don’t know much about Kprobe scanning but the scan looks good, doesn’t it?


To be honest, I haven’t noticed any difference between the 1653S firmwares (C—, BYX-, BS4-) and the 1633S firmwares (BS0-) in terms of +R. Well, BYX2 seemed a bit quirky with a few select +R media types, but beyond that, they seemed on par in the (very) limited tests that I’ve done… For me, the benefits (and problems) are seen in -R.


Hey code65536…

Well my verdict and conclusion are in. At least with my Liteon 1633, BSOS SUCKS compared to BS41. I’m switching back to 41. Results below done with the same speeds and FUJI branded TY T02 +R 8X as my first posted scans as seen below. But as you can see, my drive likes the 41 better.



well, BS0S is doing find with ritek03 (traxdata)



What speed? And is that with the stock strategy?



at 8X and yes, with stock strat !!



This just goes to show that these drives have a mind of their own. Here’s my test with Ritek R03, Liteon 1633 with BSOS. Data disk was burnt at 8X and is just about as crappy as my previous TY scans. For me, I’m done with the BSOS and going back to BS41. Mine deffinatly likes it better.



Well, it could also be that RITEKR03 is just very variable.

My RITEKR03 batch is a good batch. It burned just fine @T02@8x using the earlier firmwares (like BS0C). It burns fine using the stock strat @8x using BS0R. But it doesn’t burn well using the stock strat @8x using CS09 (haven’t tried @T02@8x with CS09). It’s the one case I’ve seen so far where the +R results between the 53S and 33S firmwares have been different on my drive using my media. :confused:


I got this with my 1633s, BS41 with TDK003@16x, no strat swaps. Is that a good result?


Looks fine, esp. for 16x (looks almost too good). Interesting; TDK003? Gotta admit, this is first I’ve heard of this media code.

(BTW, this thread is for the comparison of BS0x/BS4x/CS0x firmwares…)


not to take this thread down another route, but thats a great burn @16x :bow:


This was done on BS0C @8x, scanned with BS41, same 1633s. The disc plays well on my standalone dvd player.


Here is a kprobe of one of my TY-T02 burns on my 1633@1653 CS09 :slight_smile:

My BS41 scan I have is slightly better but the differences are so miner it coule mearily be a variation of quality in the media.


1613s@1653 with CS09 firmware. Burning at 8x