BS Player video files

Hi, Anyone tried to convert any BS Player video files to Mpeg, have tried with various video converters but don`t seem to find any that recognise the type of file used, thanks pevers3:confused:

BSPlayer is an actual media player. :eek: (thought you might be pulling our collective legs there). Wonder if the authors know what that sounds like to English speakers?

You’ve probably made various types of video files open automatically with this player. I doubt that they are authored by this program.

Download and install a free program called MediaInfo. Then open one of the video files with it, using the Tree View within MediaInfo. Copy and paste that information here in your thread. MediaInfo will tell us the video and audio codecs used in the video that you have.

Do you want mpeg2 files or do you want a complete dvd video? I suggest using a free program called AVStoDVD for this conversion. AVStoDVD will normally make a complete dvd, but if all you want is the mpeg2 file, you can make that the output instead. Look at Options–>Output Setup–>Muxed Mpeg2 File.

If you have something exotic that AVStoDVD cannot handle, we may be able to come up with an alternative once we see what MediaInfo has to tell us about the file.