Bruning Speed problem

I have a problem with my MITSUMI CR-48XATE (32x 12x 40x). The writing speeds only write at a max of 16X using Nero 6.0 and Easy CD Creator 6.0 on seperate OS.

This happens with all types of media, including 32x, 48x Samsung, LG, Sony, Creation…all of them give me the same result and only write at 16X.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem so that I can write at 32X speed?

Any advice to solve this problem will be much appreciated.

Sorry if posted in wrong section

Welcome,Alone2005,and you have posted in the right forum. The
most logical solution to your problem would be a firmware upgrade. There is a firmware forum here that most have found very helpful,when faced with a problem such as yours. If the firmware is not there already,if you asked,someone will most likely
have a URL where it can be obtained.Welcome and Good Luck…:cool: