Brun tab settings greyed out

HI all,

My XP Pro installed messed up and I nuked my c: and did a clean install. However, in Nero 6.6 with my dvd I can no longer choose “Finalize DVD” - it is greyed out. As is the Write Method. It doesn’t matter what type of compilation I choose. NO Multisession is selected.

Now even Simulation is greyed out, and wasn’t a few minutes ago. CD I can choose everything, but I"m 99% positive that before the reinstall I could choose everything also for DVD, as I’d always check the settings.

But what else is funny, is with CD chosen, say CD ISO compilation, initially the burn tab has everything available for selection. If I change to TAO same deal, but DAO/96 greys out teh Finalize option. HOWEVER, when I change back to either DAO or TAO Finalize STAYS greyed out. I need to CHANGE the compilation type by clicking on say Audio, then back to ISO to be able to change Finalize again.

I’ve never seen this issue before the reinstall, althoguh to be honest I never change the write method (but just know it was always available to be changed). I’ve tried reinstalled nero, have installed ForceASPI, tried renaming the Nero ASPI… all makes no difference.

Help??!! (DVDs will still burn ok, but I want my settings back! :slight_smile: