Browser wars: Second Edition

I just posted the article Browser wars: Second Edition.

AOL was a god argument, when Microsoft in court defended themselves, with the “Great” idea of bundling IE with the OS. AOL is now turning 180 degrees, and doesn’t like the idea at all.

They are…

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This is the BIGGEST & WORST news I’ve heard in ages. Aol’s browser is already limited enough and as a web designer it’s going to be a HUGE pain in the ass trying to have to make my pages compatible with aol’s poncy browser too. You know it’s going to have it’s own total set of features that are not supported by any of the other browsers.


I know. Life suck sometimes. Let us all crawl down under the table and watch the battle.

to bad for aol users then, they should be one anyway :wink:

hmm yes now we have to make this site AOL compatible too… it already hard enough to do it for netscape :frowning:

Why Bother??:4

I’ve tried AOL’s old version and thought their browser was shit! Too restrictive interface.