Browser Tool bar

Please help

I installed (a messaging software) on my pc, but it doesn’t work for me, so i uninstalled the program, however both my browsers internet explorer and firefox have the tool bar, which I want removed. I don’t know how to do this.

In addition installed itself as a home page on firefox, and it refuses to budge, even after changing my home page back to google via internet options.

Can you please assist!

[B]If the following doesn´t work:[/B]

  1. Click on View -> Toolbars -> Deselect ICQ toolbar.
  2. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Scroll to ICQ Toolbar -> Click delete. This option will permanently remove the toolbar from your system.

[B]You may have to uninstall the browsers[/B]…both, but one at a time, or get Chrome and start again.

When you uninstall, you may be asked if you want to [B]keep the settings…say “no”[/B]. So, install Chrome, then uninstall Explorer, then uninstall FireFox…

Good luck.