Browser Hijacked I believe! I need help!

Well first off, when I open up my Internet Explorer browser, instead of going to RoadRuners homepage it goes to a secutirycenter one, saying that “W32.Sinnaka.A@mm” is collecting information from certain files on my computer. Also, a message from my malware scan thing pops up saying it detected something and it needs to be cleaned so i clean it but everytime iopen up explorer it keeps poppin up. Here are the images of the two things i am talking about:

The Malware protection screen:

The file was too big to host on the net so I cut this pick of the IE homepage:

What do I do!!! I am constantly having problems with this computer and I just wiped the frickin’ hard drive!!!

Thank you!

Look Here to find out what to do

Bsl, follow this link and download online scan, if your running XP make sure you allow active x download. Run this program and delete everything it displays. Hopefully this will get rid of your browser hijacker. Also you may have to go into explorer options and manually reset your homepage. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: