Browse-able Music CD Library Storage?

So, I’m looking to find a new storage solution for all my music CDs. These are mostly purchased so I’d like to retain the books and tray liners. However, I don’t want them just sitting all on a shelf or CD rack anymore, as I’m starting to think it looks like clutter, and I want more privacy as well.

However, most of the solutions I have looked at seem to be a solution for the problem of “I know what CD I want and want to find it instantly”. In my case, I want to be able to browse through all my CDs at a glance, like you can with a CD rack, where you just look at all the spines.

I’ve even gone to Ikea and other stores like that thinking I could find a dresser or chest of drawers where I could put my jewel boxes in the drawers and browse through them.

But essentially, I’d still like to find something that does away with all the increased weight and space of jewel cases. I’ve looked at ProSleeves, and I might go with those, but again, it’s not easy to browse through your collection without having to “flip through” all the sleeves.

Does anyone know if there is a solution for what I’m looking for??

Thanks!! :bow:

bump… anyone???

The only thing that I can think of - though it would mean storing the jackets separately is something that I saw in the Skymall catalog:

That is where I store all 2000+ of mine, in a dresser. I don’t have them alpabetized completely anymore, but you could easily add some cards to separate them by letter etc.

With my DVD collection I use cataloging software (Ant Movie Catalog) and shelve them in numerical order (the number assigned by Ant). For casual browsing I keep an alphabetical list near the shelves that can tell you the DVD number. If I want to do a more detailed search I can look it up in Ant. That would probably work just as well for CDs.

I agree with [B]olyteddy[/B], try to use a catalog software. But in this case you have to scan all your disks before you can browse it in catalog.

It piqued my curiosity so I did a little looking and there are scripts for Ant Movie Catalog that can access, Gracenote and CDDB. My curiosity satisfied, here’s a link to the scripts: