Brown Zune hits #1 in Amazon's Eletronics category

I just posted the article Brown Zune hits #1 in Amazon’s Eletronics category.

Microsoft is set to launch its next generation of Zune players on November 13th and to help sell off stock of the existing models, J & R and have both recently dropped the brown 30GB…

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Did anyone actually get this price? On Thanksgiving I, and over 150 others ordered this from J & R through Amazon and our sales were confrimed, our credit cards were charged, we were even given shipment dates. Then 6 days later we received cancellation notices. We all missed out on the sales elsewhere because we trusted the Amazon name. The feedback page for this seller is full of angry people who’s Christmas spirit has been dampaned by J & R and Amazon. I’m just curious at this point if anyone really got the sale price at all.