Brown Sugar - i cant work out what copy protection is used

The cd is the Brown Sugar soundtrack on MCA/Universal/UMG
On the rear of the case it has the following text in three languages (english/french/german)

This cd is protected against copying. It is designed to play in standard audio CD players and in computers running Windows operating system. However playback problems may be experienced.”
It is also “made in the eu”

On the inner ring of the cd it says “made in germany by universal m & l”

looking at the cd it is also possible to tell that it has 2 sesions, the last is a thin outer ring.

The problem is when placed into my cd-rw drive (ricoh mp7060a), the drive attempts to read the disc and then windows refuses to accept a cd has even been inserted into the drive!
By that i mean windows explorer, nero, cdr-win and clone cd all tell me that there is no disc in the drive and i should insert a disc!

Can somebody help me please?

According to this Dutch site, your cd is protected with Cactus Data Shield. No version is specified, but on the cover is stated (according to you) the cd can be played on the pc, so this must be CDS200

How strange you can’t see the second session… Try CloneCD, EAC or Feurio for ripping the audio files.

whats strange is that no software recognises that a cd is even in the drive!

If you know someone who has a Plextor, a LiteOn 48x (VS08) or a Yamaha 44x, try it in those drives.

Ok here’s the latest,
got my hands on a usb iomega drive and now i can read the cd!
clone cd can see both sessions but when i use the “only read first session” option clone cd will begin to copy the cd but then returns an error. using feurio! i can copy all the tracks in the first session but i cant copy the first track, again another error!
Also it seems that eac wont recognise a usb drive.

Its definately CDS200 - “CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 16c”

I have just copied the new Phil Collins album which is protected by CDS200 in the UK, using a Liteon 163D and writing with a Liteon 24102B & Clonecd version

This has been posted before but what you need to do is open up the cd drive that you want to use and insert the cd BUT DON’T close it. Let clone cd close the drive door and analyze the cd. You should find that it should now copy it perfectly.