Brown Noise - Does it work on you?



A quick google search will reveal much info on the so called “Brown Noise”. Listening to it is supposed to make you sh*t yourself. It works by using a really low frequency on your speakers (so a sub woofer would be useful, but not 100% necessary).

However, after trying a few different files of it and having my sub on full volume, there seems to be no effect. Does it work on any of you?

P.S. If you try this you would probably be best to have toilet access. (And I cannot be held responsible for any consequences).


I thought you had been too hard on the pills or alcohol but Wikipedia assured me you were not talking mumbo jumbo.

Of course I still consider that a load of crap. But please, do try! :smiley:


I watched an episode of Mythbusters about brown noise. After extensive testing, they concluded that it was only a myth. :iagree:


what would we do without mythbusters!!! now i can have a pack of poprocks and pepsi at the same time without worries of my tummy exploding :wink:


I think the poll is a little off. I think you either $h!t yourself or you don’t, Right??? Right? Tell me i’m right! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Its all myth and suspicion…Now, taking laxatives is a different story:))


Brown noise does exist! It’s certainly NOT a myth.

However, the only time you will ever encounter it is:

Instance 1:
Telephone: Ring Ring
Tech Support: “Tech support, My name is (insert name here). How can I help you today.”
Darwin Award candidate: (insert brown noise here)

Instance 2:
An employee recently committed to buy a crapload of equipment for a major project which was just canned after management realised it may actually succeed. The boss has just called them into his office & their mortgage, car loan, and all the bills are due next week.
Boss: (brown noise here).
Employee heads down to the unemployment office, via his house for a clean pair of pants.


I’ve seen this on South Park… Was very funny! :wink:


I think it depends on the power, the bandwith and your posittion compared to the sine wave. If you have unlimited power you can use sound to destroy every material, so why not bowels? :slight_smile: Thing is that bowels are not made of one particular material but a whole bunch of them all with their own density and natural frequency.


mmm sorry thougt it was brown nose :o


Well, I looked further into it and realised the following:

  1. Brown noise does exist and work
  2. The sound must be in its pure form (which is not heard by the human ear)
  3. You need BIG speakers (sub woofers really - ideally you would have concert size speakers)

Anyway, looks like none of you guys had the guts to test it (no pun intended), go on guys, have a go!


Ok, Chriso … play the brown note (everyone have spare underwear ready)


I already did and it didn’t work, but I still see nobody else with the guts to try it!


C’mon guys, still no takers?

FYI, Google will pull up a fair few files containing the noise.


There is a difference between ‘Brown Noise’ and the frequency of a soundwave which will automatically loosen the bowels of someone nearby.

Brown Noise is noise with a Brownian Motion as discovered by Robert Brown. Brown Noise is like White, Pink and Blue noises. White noise is what you get when your TV isn’t tuned in correctly. The others are all differing variations of ‘noise’.

It is possible to automatically loosen someones bowels by playing a very low frequency soundwave through large speakers. I’ve not tested this but i have found many sites on the web which suggest that the correct frequency is 17.8hz which is lower than human hearing. Most speakers only go down to 20hz so you would need to get speakers which produce a low enough frequency first and then try it out.


Anybody live in Brownsville?


Anyone with massive speakers…

Incidentally … Elephants communicate with ultra low sound waves, as low frequency sound waves tend to travel much larger distances. What’s the Brown noise frequency for elephants?