Brought and installed 3500a

recently brought the oem Nec 3500a, i then flashed it to 2.17. I took a screenshot from nero, could anyone tell if the my drive is ok? are there any better firwamre to upgrade? Or is it the all go sign? Would like any feedback.

Looks good to me on 2.17 firmware…
Give it a try and post back how you rate it…

It burns ritek 4x dvdr at 4x. I only had the choice of burning it either 2 or 4
But cant my dvd burner give the option of bruning it at 16x even though it is unstable to do so?

Also what is the BEST or NEWEST firmware availbale that all you guys recommend.


Stick with the 2.17 - its good $hit - and works reliably-

NEC firmware is media corrected - meaning that it will only let you burn what they think is safe for any given MID code-

If you use some really good disks like Taiyo Yuden 8x you can get 12x burns with the -R’s and 16x with the +R’s

Crap media will ONLY give you crap results!!!


Thanks for your help bigmike7 and dallshead.

Mike so you think i should stick with 2.17? ok i’ll see how it goes. I ripped a 8 gig dvd (resident evil) to .iso format and it took 18mins 14 secs, is this a good time, too slow?



Just backed up my fahrenheit 9/11 to the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R the interVideo DVD copy transcoding time was like 32 minutes and the burn in 6:30 - so I’am a happy camper-


I too have the 3500a and i flashed with the 2.17 and works great! Under 19 minutes i say is very very good. :iagree:

what firmware (2.17) did you flashed with ? The official or the Herrie’s patched 2.17 (TDK)?

Yo randomwalk101-

The only official firmware for the 3500 is 2.16

The 2.17 is from Herrie-


Yer im pretty sure i flashed with 2.17 herries. why?


Wise choice-