Brought 90 mins (800mb) CDR

I’ve brought 90 mins (800mb) of CDR

put in Nero new version and then i try open ISO to show up 751mb then burn that been writing in half way then become ejects out itself

i dont understand why that could happen ?

Firmware need or something setting on Nero to make work ?

anyone have same problems as mine ?

my Drive is Pioneer 109 and firmware is 1.09

First try upgrading your firmware to 1.40…

But from what I have heard the 109 can’t (or is not good at) overburn whether it be cds or dvds…

Hmm, ive used 99mins(900MB)cdr for 3 years and on 16x then 40x then 52x teac cdrw drives now on 52x32x52/16 teac combo, try firmware.

pioneer dvdr-rw can not overburn cd’s or dvd’s at all,no point in buying them to overburn

The 108 and 109 support cdr overburn, look in nero infotool.
Ive tested it but i still like to use my teac for cdr/rw

Thanks for feedback

ok hmm mean i have to buy alone CDRW Drive only its will worked with overburn size can reach 90mins to 99mins ?

but DVD is size is plenty size up to 8.5GB compare tiny CD 800mb ot 900mb ? lol

unbeleiveable :confused:

It is a matter of position of the head carriage over the disk and physical as well as firmware conception more than the wavelenght of the laser since overburning mean burning a bit outside of the normal area of the media

Dvd pits = ----> . Cdr pits = -----> o

You should try with a newer firmware and check with nero what it is reporting but pioneer seem more prone on the burn quality that the speed or feature…

One test, has the 109 as being limited to 82 minutes (almost 83, if it would still mange the leadout) - unrewarding for 90 or 99min media, but adequate to sneak a little extra from an 80.

Have you set up nero fully to overburn. ?

You need type in the mins and secs in expert tab after ticking box and in new neros also tick short out box (claims to get u extra12MB)

You need choose disc at once not track at once and no multisession and it should finalise disc, if not u can tick box.