Brothers steal CDs and DVDs - Is this the real theft?

I just posted the article Brothers steal CDs and DVDs - Is this the real theft ?.

What if you would like to make money from movies or software and you are too lazy to start up an own company to produce them, or you are even too lazy to use a CD/DVD recording device to pirate…

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sweeeeeeeeeet trick :slight_smile:

my question is: why would they steal from a place like walmart that has loads of cameras? Other tyhsn thst, good job!

I haven’t seen this trick in the anarchist cookbook ! :wink:

Quite a few of those little camera “bubbles” are empty :wink:

Is it the same level of theft as downloading? Of course it’s not. Going into a store and physically taking DVDs is a form of theft. Downloading something is not the same thing and is not at all theft. Once again property is physical not intellectual. Stealing something from a store is theft and downloading is not. Stealing is physical not intellectual.

Bloody hell thats an old trick :slight_smile: used to use that one years ago

UofM3000 So, you’re saying, it’s not stealing if, say you paint a picture, make copies of it, sell it in the stores to support yourself, then someone like me, gets a copy of it, makes more copies of your painting, and either, 1) gives it away to others by making it available to anyone who wants it, or 2) selling it to others at a cheaper price than what you sell it at?

So for some reason, they have anti-theft device on a DVD, but not on the bin full of CDs that the other brother stole?

UofM3000, You say that property is not intellectual? When an composer composes his music he is the intellectual owner of that composition. Intellectual ownership means that it cames from his brain/was his idea and no-one else’s one.

Actually no. The article said is this the same level of stealing as downloading. It didn’t say illegal downloading. There’s lots of things that can be downloaded legally. In fact if you couldn’t download information, the Internet wouldn’t work anymore. So no it’s not the same thing. If you compare it to illegal downloading. Well in most cases there is no such thing as illegal downloading in America. Because in America your innocent until proven guilt in a court of law. So if you download a song and never get proved guilty in a court of law. Then your innocent, and if your innocent you couldn’t have done anything illegal. But these guys got caught. So it’s different.

But my honest opinion. I read that an MP3’s current value is around 8 cents. If you stole a CD’s worth of mp3’s you may have stole about a dollars worth of material. CD’s are worth about $20. So stealing a CD’s worth of MP3’s is not as bad as stealing the actual CD in my opinion. Plus if you steal a CD and the guy at the door catches you, there’s a chance that you could hit him in the jaw to try to get away. If you download from home there’s less chance of a violent crime or car chase happening. I mean say you steal a CD, run from the cops in your mustang, and wreck into a minivan and kill a family of six. Much less dangerous just to get it off the net.

That’s nothing. When I worked in retail, someone set a fire in a trash can in the back of the store and used that as a distraction to push out 2 carts full of electronics merchandise and CDs. That’s in no way a new “trick”, shoplifters have been using distraction for centuries. One again, for the brain-dead: Stealing a CD from a store involves the store losing property. Sharing an mp3 on the net does NOT involve anybody losing any property. It involves someone POSSIBLY losing sales they THINK they MIGHT have had otherwise. In reality, it makes the possible sale more likely. (I won’t buy a new CD anymore until I download it first and make sure I actually want it)