Brothers In Arms



Hi, i’m new here and have a couple of questions. Has anyone managed to make a backup of Brothers in Arms? as i am having a little trouble. I use an LG GSA 4163B drive and Alcohol 120 and it copies ok but when i go to install it, it just hangs in the drive and is very slow to explore the disk. Am i missing something TIA


I doubt you will have much luck with this disc drive when burning it to media, have you tried creating a image file of BIA then mounting it to a virtual drive then trying it?


I didnt want to use emulation software, i have a Plextor 716a arriving tomorrow do think i will have better luck with that drive?


You won’t be able to burn this full stop without emulation. Try GameJackal .


Does anyone know what protection it uses?
Don’t worry i found it


Its SafeDisc 4.


I managed to copy it with alcohol 120% and a Plextor 716a drive