Brothers In Arms - Graphics Problem



Hey, I just got brothers in arms and just before starting a new game fiddled with the graphics settings a bit (i just got a new graphics card and wanted to see what it could do). I changed the resolution and now all it says is “This video mode cannot be shown” or something in the middle of a black screen.

Is there any way of reverting to the origional settings without going into the game and going on the options menu (i cant do that because it only shows black, although it does play sounds and I can still click on stuff, but i cant see). Or is there any other way of getting the picture back?

Thanks a lot everyone.

Ps. I’m a complete rookie at computers so please explain stuff as if you are talking to a moron.


I had a similar problem. I never saw any graphics, I could only hear the sound. I guess I need a new videocard.


It was a GeForce 4 mx400


The thing is… It worked the 1st time, but i fiddled with some settings and now it doesn’t, my card supports the defaults but not what I changed it to.

The only thing I can think of is resetting it to defaults, but I dont know how to do that without going into the game.


Does it only go to an unsuported resolution when you try to run the game? Maybe running is safe mode would prevent it from going into that resolution?


Many games store your settings in a configuration file (INI, CFG, etc…). Perhaps you can rename this file and it will create a new one with default settings the next time you try to play.


Ok thanks a lot folks, I can’t try those right now, I’m in a hurry but I’ll get back to you when i have.


Ok, Thanks a lot everyone. Its working now.

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