Brothers face prosecution for 'Napster of the East'

I just posted the article Brothers face prosecution for ‘Napster of the East’.

Nighthawk used our newssubmit a while ago to let us know about 2 brothers who face prosecution for their Napster made program: Sea of Sound. Besides a lawsuit they also face criminal charges of…

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But is it actually illegal to make a Napster in anywhere but the US? Nowhere else has a Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

That’s just stupid. Why don’t they prosecute manufacturers of guns and other weapons. It’s a person who is using the tool that breaks laws not the one who creates the tool. And in my opinion weapons are much more harmfull and unethic then file sharing programs.

So, how many murders went unsolved while they were searching for the guys?

For cris-sakes! Only a fool would try and turn a conversation on file sharing towards gun control. Trying to blame a manufacturer of ANY product for the abuse of same by a customer is insane and illogical. And when your only argument against such insanity is to try and point your finger to another product or service that you do not happen to use or like, you fall right into the trap so well expressed by Martin Niemöller. (Do a search on google)

Uh JLP… people have and still do try to sue gun companies when their model of gun is used in various crimes. And as nuihc pointed out, these actions are just as bad, if not worse, as trying to squash Napster. The erosion of personal accountability in this country, the DMCA a prime example of it, is making me sick.