Brother in Arms DVD will not be loaded by player

I resently purchased a copy of Brother in Arms for the PC. Upon loading the DVD I learned that my DVDrom is unable to properly load the DVD. I have a HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8161B DVDrom, I searched the net for an answer and came upon firmware as the only solution aside from buying a new DVDrom. I believe i’ve found all the tools I need to “flash” my DVDrom to get it to hopefully work. However I’ve run into a rather weird barrier…I can’t backslash in DOS. Instead I get # symbol. I know it’s rather stupid. but can someone plus explain why this happens and a possible solution. I tried entering just C: but that doesn’t seem to work. Im using the Firmware Flashing DOS Bootdisk to boot my computer into DOS. Thank you for your help in advance

Put the command line in a text file while in Windows, open it in DOS using the command “edit filename.txt”, select the command line, copy it, paste it to the prompt.

nice idea but its better to save it as .bat so he will be able to just type the file name and the commands in it will be executed automatically

Wow, this thread reminds me of the edlin days.

Ok now I can get into my C:\ drive (still can’t backspace though). However I can’t seem to access any of the files in my C:\ drive. I get an error message when the boot disk loads up DOS. It tells me I need a Fat partition or something. It also tells me to start FDisk in DOS. Any idea what’s causing this and how I can access my files in C:, otherwise I can’t flash my DVDrom. I don’t think flashing from the floppy is going to work(not enough space).

this can be useful
or this
doesnt lg also have a flash utility for windows? can be alot easier

I have NTFS on my bootdisk, and it says it’s running when I enter it into my command prompt. I can access things on the bootdisk floppy. I can’t access anything on my C:\ drive, when I type DIR I don’t get any of the files in my C:\ drive. When I try to flash using the command in the Readme I got with the firmware, it shows me the LG model and maker of the DVDrom. However I get a File not found for my dld file. I know it’s in my C:\ drive, and it’s what I got from the zip from rpc1. I just wanna play my game :frowning:

from what i can figure you didnt checked the links in my previous reply so think about it,they will make it possible to access ntfs partitions in dos… just put it in the floppy and run it properly