Brother HL-2140...D' me fix my stupidity!


Let me start out by saying live and learn 'cause I just D’oh my B&W Brother HL-2140 printer. :clap:

My toner was running low. Instead of buying replacement toner, I decided to use my office’s photocopier waste toner. Mistake 1.

During the refill, I accidentally touched the toner roll that has toner on. Mistake 2.

Had I spend time reading Brother’s website, I would have known this: “To avoid print quality problems, DO NOT touch the shaded parts shown in the illustrations.” Mistake 2a.

I then decided to clean the toner with air and sprayed the roll. Mistake 3.

Doing so, I might have exposed the the toner/drum to light and damaged the photosensitive parts. Mistake 4.

The result is that now the print quality is very bad: grey background, fuzzy image, very light letter, grainy, toner specs, and large white lines.

In your opinion, is there any possibility that I can fix my mistakes? If yes, how?

The toner came with the printer and this is the first time it needs refill.

Thank you for your time and suggestion.

Seems as if a new printer would be cheaper.
Paid ~120 Euros for my HL-2150N (with built-in printserver). Brand New.


I think you just need a new toner+drum kit. These things cost about $90.

I don’t know much about those type of printers, but is it the actual machine head you’ve damaged, and not just the toner cartridge itself? How about purchase a new toner cartridge and then reinstalling it into your printer? Or like Mr. Belvedere, buy a new toner and drum kit.

That said, if it has bit the dust, would it not justify itself more economically if you simply bought another printer? I know from experience with a Brother printer, though inkjet, they are a nightmare to set up, but their ink is so cheap as well as their printers :slight_smile: